INDEX OF PERSONS.  229  Lesley, Franciscus Jacobus

INDEX OF PERSONS. 229 Lesley, Franciscus Jacobus



Passages from the diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries : A.D. 1635-A.D. 1699"


Lesley, Franciscus Jacobus, 29.
Lesley, George, 29.
Lesley, Patrick, 20.
Lesley, Dame Isobell, wifp of Alex-
ander M:\y of Delgatty. 20G.
Lesly, Father William Aloysius, 143.
Lesly, Madam, 93.

Leontiuf, Zamiatay Fiodorovitz, a Rus-
sian ambassador, 39, 48.
Leopold L, Emperor of Germany, 27.
Leviston, Colonel, IIG, 159, 17*8, 179,

183, 213.
Libnsh, the Starost of, 30.
Linde, Field-Marshal Von der, 28.
Lindesay, James, IG, 128.
Lindesiy. Master Archibald, precentor

of Abirdene, 199.
Linlithgow, the Earl of, 34.
Livingstone, Sir Thomas, 145.
Lochiel, Sir Evan Cameron of, 136, 137.
Lockhart, Sir George, Lord President

of the Court of Session, 128.
Logon, William, schoolmaster at Cruden

and Ellon, 4.
Lome, Captaine, Lidert, 51.
Lon, George, miller at Milne of Leask,

Long, Sir Robert, 88.
Lottrum, Baron von, 70.
Louis XIV., King of France, 149.
Lubomirski, Constantine, Starost of

Sandets, 22.
Lubomirski, Field-Marshal, 29, 30, 31,

32, 33, 3G, 37, 95, 99.
Lumsden, Mr. William, advocate in

Aberdene, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210,

Lumsden, William, son to Mr.

William Lumsden of Pittullock, 210.
Luneburgh, George W'illiam, Duke of,

70, 121, 123.
Lays, Marcus, a merchant in Riga, 113.

Mackenzie, Kenneth, at Blackwater,

Maitland (Mettellane), Mr. James,
Secretary to the Eail of Lauder-
dale, 78, 79, 82, 83.

Maitland, Joneta, 201.
xMaknele, Alexander, 202.
Makovius, Pater, 114.
Malyson, Colonel, 99, 101.
Mantua, the House of, 32.
Marcellus, a Russian ecclesiastic, 1G9.
Margaret, St., Queen of Scotland, 39.
Marischal, George, eightli Earl, 111.

Martin, Ensign, 41.
Marline, Alexander, 211.
Marr, IMr., (Father James Forbes,) 131,

133, 142.
Massy, Mistress, in Bruges, 83, 85.
Manle, David, 203.
Meldrum, Jolin, Rittmaster, 23, 26.
Melfort, Earl of, Secretary of State for

Scotland, 126, 127, 129, 136, 142,

151, 153, 163, 169, 170, 171, 173.
Melfort, Countess of, 131.
Melville, Mr. James, 134.
Melvill, Mr., at Elsineur, 152.
Menglen, the Baron von, 112, 113,

122, 154.
Menzies, Captain Paul, 39, 40, 41, 46,

53, 84, 85, 111, 113 ; (Colonel) 163 ;

(Major General) 178, 179, 183, 213.
Menzies of Balgownie, Thomas, 31, 51.
Menzies of Pitfoddels, Sir Gilbert, ,39,

84, 85, 86, 148.
Menzies, Alexander Michael, a priest, 7.
Menzies, Elizabeth, wife of Francis

Gordon of Craig, 148.
Merizies of Pitfoddels, 177.
jMenzies, Thomas, 7.
Menzies, P., 8.
Meverall, Mr., 93, 110, 126, 127, 132,

133, 143, 148, 154, 162, 163, 175.
Meves, Colonel John. 43.
]Middleton, the Earl of, 86, 87, 90,

136, 142, 154, 161, 162, 163.
]Middleton, James, notary public, 213,

Middleton, ,Iolin, younger in Leask,

Michael Fedorowitsch, Czar of Miiy-

covy. 21, 105, 108.
Miclielsoun, Georgius, 201.

Gordon was brought up and remained a lifelong Roman Catholic, at a time when the Church was being persecuted in Scotland. At age of fifteen, he entered the Jesuit college at Braunsberg, East Prussia, then part of Poland. In 1661, after many years experiences as a soldier of fortune, he joined the Russian army under Tsar Aleksei I, and in 1665 was sent on a special mission to England. After his return, he distinguished himself in several wars against the Turks and Tatars in southern Russia. In recognition of his service he was promoted to major-general in 1678, was appointed to the high command at Kiev in 1679, and in 1683 was made lieutenant-general. In 1687 and 1689 he took part in expeditions against the Tatars in the Crimea, being made a full general. Later in 1689, a revolution broke out in Moscow, and with the troops under his command, Gordon virtually decided events in favor of Peter the Great against the Regent, Tsarevna Sophia Alekseyevna. Consequently, he was for the remainder of his life in high favor with the Tsar, who confided to him the command of his capital during his absence from Russia. In 1696, Gordon's design of a "moveable rampart" played a key role in helping the Russians take Azov. One of Gordon's convinced the Tsars to establish the first Roman Catholic church and school in Muscovy, of which he remained the main benefactor and headed the Catholic community in Russia until his death. For his services his second son James, brigadier of the Russian army, was created Count of the Holy Roman Empire in 1701. At the end of his life the Tsar, who had visited Gordon frequently during his illness, was with him when he died, and with his own hands closed his eyes. General Gordon left behind him a uniquely detailed diary of his life and times, written in English. This is preserved in manuscript in the Russian State Military Archive in Moscow. Passages from the Diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries (1635–1699) was printed, under the editorship of Joseph Robertson, for the Spalding Club, at Aberdeen, Scotland, 1859.



1635 - 1699


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