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The Spalding Club, Aberdeen, Scotland

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CORRECTIONS. Page 21. line 21. for ' monastery' read ' College' „ 25. line 23. /or ' n' ~- read ' iu' „ 27. note. col. 2. /i'nc 9. for ' regimini scolonello' read ' rcgiminis colonello' „ 30. linen, for ^Grundenz' ^^read ' Gmudenz' „ 57. KnelS. ./or 'Alexander' rearf ' George' „ 184. line 5. /or ' rcsoh'cd' ^,^^,^^.^^read ' resolved'

CORRECTIONS. Page 21. line 21. for ' monastery' read ' College' „ 25. line 23. /or ' n' ~- read ' iu' „ 27. note. col. 2. /i'nc 9. for ' regimini scolonello' read ' rcgiminis colonello' „ 30. linen, for ^Grundenz' ^^read ' Gmudenz' „ 57. KnelS. ./or 'Alexander' rearf ' George' „ 184. line 5. /or ' rcsoh'cd' ^,^^,^^.^^read ' resolved'

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Tee Officebeareks of the Club,, vi Portrait of General Patrick Gordon The Editor's Preface, , ix The Contents, xxvii Passages from the Diary of General Patrick Gordon, 1 Appendix, I95 Index of Names of Persons, 221 Index of Names of Places, 234



Portrait of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries

PREFACE. The soldier of fortune, whose memoirs are now introduced to the Spalding Club

beffun by Count Ostermann, but abandoned, as it would seem, under

PREFACE. xi of Lord Byron in a rhyming letter to his London bookseller, written from Venice in the summer of 1818.

Ellesmere, and it was published in the avowed hope that it might ' induce one of the Scotch clubs

PREFACE. xiii King Charles Gustavus of Sweden was mustering for the invasion of Poland.

xiv PREFACE. himself sharing the privileges of nobility,'^ can lament the weariness of a court life,^^ tell of the large measure of favour and familiarity which he enjoys with the Czar,

Gordon prefaces his Journal with a short explanation of its plan and purpose.

xvi PREFACE. versation, at Hamburg, with Queen Christina of Sweden,

PREFACE. xvii sixpence a-day ;^^ and that the northern nobles, from the Duke of Gordon downwards

xviii PREFACE. wlien the news of the battle of the Boyne reached him at Moscow

PREFACE. XIX in the Roman Catholic faith) he could claim kindred with the noble house of Deskford and Findlater

XX PREFACE. family debts, that Patrick Gordon makes his first appearance.

PREFACE. xxi grave, his grandson was a landless man, and another race of Gordons dwelt in Auchleuchries

xxii PREFACE. James, the second son of General Patrick Gordon, was at the Jesuit College at Memel in 1686

PEEFACE. xxiil The first nuptials of the second daughter of Patrick Iwanowitsch were graced by the presence of the Czar Peter

XXIV PREFACE. at Auchintoul in 1752, in his eighty-second year, having amused


CONTENTS. Purpose and plan of the Diary 3 A.D. 1635. The Author's birth and parentage

xxviii CONTENTS. The Swedish levies. Gordon engages to serve as a trooper in the company of his countryman, Rittmaster Gardin

CONTENTS. XIX Lieutenant Adam Gordon and other Scots

XXX CONTENTS. A.D. 1663— aetat. 28. His courtship and nuptials 54 The Earl of Carlisle lands at Archangel on an embassy to the Czar

CONTENTS. xxxi Gordon dresses himself after * the new fashion,' and makes his farewell visits

xxxii CONTENTS. i Departure from Moscow. Affair with the customs' officers at Novgorod

CONTENTS. xxxlii Dinner at Lord Perth's. Earls of Erroll, Airly, and Dunfermline. Dukes of Hamil- ton and Quecnsberry. Srarquis of Athole

xxxlv CONTENTS. He is threatened with banishment to some remote part of the empire

CONTENTS. XXXV Letter to the Earl of Melfort 171 Memorial of Gordon's services in Bussia from 1661 to 1690

XXXVl CONTENTS. The Czar returns to Moscow. His thanks to Gordon. Farther punishment of the Strelitzes


DIARY OF GENERAL PATRICK GORDON I AM not ignorant that it is thought as hard a taske for any man

4 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1640-46 in Easter Achluichries, within the parisli of Crochdan and the shirefdome of Aberdeen

1648-51] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 5 A.D. 1G48. Wee were sent again to the school of Crowdan ; our schoolmaster Mr. Alexander Frazcr,

DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1651 ■wards nl<::lit, notwithstanding it was calme and misty, wee weighed anchor

1651-53] DIARY OF TATRICK GORDON. 7 the citty, whltlicr wee arrived at iioone, and lodg-cd in a Scotsman's house

8 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1653 Latlne in the Colledge, only had enquired and written downe some words

1653] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 9 body should see me in such a plight. However, keeping" on my way

10 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1653 conceit that this fellow had brought me out of the way, and intended to

1653] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. U me that he was to stay tliere

12 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1653 to tell me, that it would be nyne or ten monetlis ere I should fynd

tymes fortify ed and garrisoned, to the g-rcat detriment of tlie adjacent Countrey

14 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1653-5-t continent. Below, towards the river, and all along the side of the hill, towards Grandents

1654] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 15 hoped to have found Duke Radzlvill

16 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1654 Posna or Posen, of all the cittles in Polland, is the most pleasan

1655] DIAEY OF PATRICK GORDON. 17 who was, according to the custome of the Polonian nobility

18 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1655 to me Gordon. He told me he was a ruitmaster, a very pretty discreet man

1655] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 19 last night's engagement, I found myself in such a labirinth of perplexed thoughts

20 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1655 men with a gallant traine of artillery. It was a most delighttull

1655] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 21 and actions at home

22 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1656 route of a body of about 10,000 Poles

1656] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 23 while, be neglected no opportunity of gaining experience in his profession,

24 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1656 in driving cattle was such

1657] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 25 A.D. 1657. He was less fortunate on the next occasion. Some Polish peasants

26 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1657 ferred to the King against Rittmeister Meldrum

1657 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 27 left to support themselves by charity

28 DIARY OF PATRICK G JRDON. [1658 A.D. 1658. [The next passage of the Diary, bearing date in January or February 1658, must be given in Gordon's own words.

1659] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 29 some other officers, had quietly beheld the whole affair

DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1659 One of Gordon's first duties, in his second campaign with the Poles

1660] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 31 take ship for Scotland. Ou his way back to the camp, he waited on the commandant of Pillau

DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 Lord Henry Gordon,t then a colonel in the Polish army

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 33 sence of the King

34 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 hired it ; the lodging or house belonging to that family

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 35 pressing earuestnes, and haveing rejected or refused the conditions offered

36 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 I should have had by my officers, who must have furnished

1661] DIARY OF PATEICK GOKDON. 37 sionibus quaecunque sub tempus servitiorum illius contra plurimos

38 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDOl^. [1661 such service againe ; with which the ambassadour was very much moved,

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 39 small stock I had ; as for the 1000 reichs dollers promised me

40 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 two letters by a trusty ffriend, one dated three dayes befor the tyme

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 41 Captaine Fortes and Ensigne Martin

42 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 misfortune

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 43 Wee rose early, and, towards eveniug, came to Kokenliausen

44 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 show, being environed with a stone wall, with many towers.

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 45 been one of the three greatest market cittyes of Europe

46 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 come into the field, wee found the Boyar there before us

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 47 good earnest to consider how I might ridd myself of this countrey

48 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 not to 20 to the prikase untill he should returne

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 49 quarters, and exercized these souldiers

50 DIARY OF PATKICK GORDON. [1661 pretending themselves affronted, began to convoy the writer with the Streltsees

1661] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 51 went the next day and complained to the Colonell

52 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1661 The Boyar Elia Danielovits Miloslawskj

1661-2] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 63 The Boyar, Ella Danielovitz Miloslawsky, mustered six hundred souldiers

54 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1662-3 of the other sex.

1662-3] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 55 accept of him as a suitor. The answer was a blush, which satisfied Gordon

56 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1664 (wliich were sent me), twelve halberts or partisans

1665-6] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 57 it was not fitt that lie should make any advantage for himself

58 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1666 letter not haveing any character

1666] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 59 account, to banish the English

60 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1666 that it was doubted here whither any intercourse or correspondence

1666] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 61 Majestie was pleased to give order to my satisfaction...

62 DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. [1666 purpose to convoy

1666] DIARY OF PATRICK GORDON. 63 ing the river, 1 passed by them without noise

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