Alexander II liberator in popular publications.

Alexander II liberator in popular publications.



1862. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Alexander Nikolaevich in the parade uniform of Leib Guardian Cavalry Regiment. Moscow. Lithographer. A.V. Morozov.

1862. Его Императорское Величество государь император Александр Николаевич в парадной форме Л. Гв. Конного полка. Москва. Литогр. А.В. Морозова,

Alexander II was known as the "Tsar-Liberator" for his emancipation of the Russian serfs. The change spurred innovations in education and judicial reforms, an elaborate scheme of local self-government in large towns and rural districts were set up. The economy was prospering, railway construction boomed, trade soared, banks and factories sprang up across the country. In 1867 he sold Alaska to the United States for $7.2 million after recognizing the great difficulty of defending it against the United Kingdom or the former British colony of Canada. In 1880 Alexander announced that he was considering granting the Russian people a constitution. But for some his extraordinary efforts were too much while others believed he didn’t go far enough – one dramatic assassination attempt followed another. On March 13, 1881, the Tsar’s carriage was bombed in the streets of St. Petersburg by members of a revolutionary organization People’s Will. He emerged shaken but unhurt and wanted to see the site of the explosion and check on the wounded Cossacks that accompanied him. As he made his way over, another terrorist threw his bomb. Fatally wounded, Alexander died an hour later.





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