Guests from Luxembourg on the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, 1896.


Guests from Luxembourg on the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, 1896.



His Royal Highness the Crowned Grand Duke of Luxembourg Wilhelm and His Serene Highness Prince of Monaco Louis.
Highest Persons, Representatives of Foreign States, Commander-in-Chief and High-Ranked Persons who arrived in Moscow to celebrate the Sacred Crowning of Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in May 1896.

Его Королевское Высочество Наследный Великий Герцог Люксембургский Вильгельм и Его Светлость Наследный Принц Монакский Людовик.
Высочайшие Особы, Представители Иностранных Государств, Главнокомандующие и Высокопоставленные Лица, прибывшие в Москву к торжествам Священного Коронования Их Императорских Величеств Государя Императора Николая II и Государыни Императрицы Александры Феодоровны в мае месяце 1896 года.

On 26 May 1896, Nicholas's coronation as Tsar was held in Uspensky Cathedral located within the Kremlin. The Silk Imperial Crown Of Russia was used, as an official coronation gift of the Russian Empire. Nicholas II was the first and only monarch to be presented with such a monumental coronation gift. It was not intended as ceremonial regalia, but as private Imperial property, a memento to his coronation. In celebration on 27 May 1896, a large festival with food, free beer and souvenir cups was held in Khodynka Field outside Moscow. Khodynka was chosen as the location as it was the only place near Moscow large enough to hold all of the Moscow citizens. Before the food and drink was handed out, rumours spread that there would not be enough for everyone. As a result, the crowd rushed to get their share and individuals were tripped and trampled upon, suffocating in the dirt of the field. The Khodynka Tragedy was seen as an ill omen and Nicholas found gaining popular trust difficult from the beginning of his reign.





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