Empress Maria Feodorovna and others at the entrance to the hunting lodge.

Empress Maria Feodorovna and others at the entrance to the hunting lodge.



Empress Maria Feodorovna, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (left of Maria Feodorovna), Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna - right at the door, next to her (left) - Minister of the Imperial Court and lands - Illarion Ivanovich Vorontsov-Dashkov at the entrance to the hunting lodge.

Императрица Мария Федоровна, великая княжна Ксения Александровна (левее Марии Федоровны), великая княгиня Елизавета Федоровна - справа у дверей, рядом с ней (левее) - министр императорского Двора и уделов - Илларион Иванович Воронцов-Дашков у входа в охотничий домик. Царское имение Спала, Ловическое княжество в Польше.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha became the property of the royal family in 1888 in exchange for lands in the Orel and Simbirsk provinces. After the construction of the Belovezhsky Imperial Palace was completed, Alexander III, Nicholas II, Grand Dukes often hunted in the Pushcha. In the town of Bialowieza (now Poland) a palace was built - a luxurious hunting residence with a beautiful park of 50 hectares. Only the entrance gates and several surrounding structures survived. There are numerous photographs of Nicholas II during the hunt in these places. Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna reported with great enthusiasm on September 21, 1912 from Spala to her aunt - Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna. "My dear Aunt Xenia ...": "It was terribly fun in Bialowieza. We went with Papa to hunt Olga and I. Marie was with Anastasia only twice." I stood two times with Papa on the number, since Prince Golitsyn, Prince Beloselsky and once at Drentina. "It was terribly good."



1892 - 1894


11, Park Pałacowy, Białowieża, hajnowski, podlaskie, Poland, 17-23052.71601, 23.84491
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Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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