212 APPENDIX. the twentieth day of May, 1674. — {From the Particular Register of Seisins for Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire Spiral Bound Ruled Notebook with Printed Cover

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For college classes, school notes, poetry, shopping or to do lists - this 118 page spiral bound notebook with ruled paper is a great companion in everyday activities. Beautiful printed cover is durable and will make you love carrying it everywhere. Includes a dark grey back cover with a document pocket for added storage and 90 gsm paper - perfect for writing. Passages from the diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries : A.D. 1635-A.D. 1699" 212 APPENDIX. the twentieth day of May, 1674. — {From the Particular Register of Seisins for Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire, vol. viii., foil. 400, 401.) 49 By disposition, dated at Milne of Ardendret, the tlirettein day of May, 1674 (in presence of "William Hay, son to the granter), William Hay of Sandend sells to John Gordone, younger, in Wester Auchlewchries, lawfull sone of Johne Gordone of Auchleuchries, and Margaret Forbes, his wife, the pendickle of land of Wester Auchlewchries called Muirtack, redeemably by payment of certain sums of money. Seisin was given on the thirteenth day of Apryll, 1674. Charter of Ardendraught and the superiority of Auchleuchries.— (A.D. 1677.— i^roni the MS. Inventory of the Erroll Papers at Slaines.) 50 Charter by George, earl of Panmure, to John, earl of Erroll, and his heirs, of the lands of Ardendraught, fishing on Cruden, and superiority of Auchleuchries, upon the resignation of Gilbert, earl of Erroll, to be holden in feu for payment of £82 Scots yearly. 24. September, 1677. Renunciatioun, James Gordon, younger in Wastowne, to Major Generall Patrick Gordone, presented by Thomas Forbes, servitor to George Patoun of Grandham, on the twantie sevent day of June, 1682. — (From the Particular Register of Seisins for Aberdeenshire and Kin- cardineshire, vol. xi., foil. 253-255.) 51 By band of provisione, dated at Achlewchries, the twantie thrid day of March, 1665, John Gordon in Achlewchries, now deceast, bound himself to infeft Marie Ogilvie, then his spous, in lyfrent, and Patrick Gordon, James Gordon, and the now deceast Alle.xander Gordon, his second, fowrt, and youngest lawfull sones, equally among them thrie, in fee, in the westsyd of the said John Gordon, the father, his towne and lands of Westertowne of Achlewchries, then occupied by him, redeemably from his said sones, or any of them, by payment to ilk ane, or any of them, of fowrtie shilling ticots, and, after his deceas, by his aires, by payment to ilk ane of his said sones of ane thowsand punds Scots. Sasine was given upon the 23d March, 1665. By disposition, dated on the twantie day of November, 1670, the said John Gordon of Achluchries, and Marie Ogilvie, his spous, sold to their said secund lawfull sone, CoUonell Patrick Gordon, and the now deceast Catharin Vanbuckowen, then his spowse, and the longest liver of them two, in lyf- rent, the lands of Achlewchries, Easter and Wester, with the pendicles therof, called Murstack, the Milne of Achluchries, milne lands, multures, and sequelles, under burden of payment to the said James Gordone, fourth sone of the granter, of ane thowsand punds Scots (in caece he wer not wther- wayes provyded be his said father, the granter). By deed, dated at Ellon, the 30th of May, 1682 (in presence of John Gordon in Westertowne), the said James Gordone (now younger in Wastowne), fourt lawfull sone to the deceast John Gordon in Achlewchries, acknowledges that James Gordon of Westertowne, his unquhill [uncle] laite factor to the said Collonell Patrick Gordone, had, by order of the said Collonell (now designed Major Generall) Patrick Gordon, made payment to him of the said sowme of ane thowsand punds Scots, and therefore renounces, in favour of the said Major Generall Patrick Gordon, that thrid part and portioune of the said westsyde of the said towne and lands of Westertowne of Achlewchries, in which he was seised under the band of provisione aforesaid.

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