Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых
Romanov Empire - Империя РомановыхHistorical Society - Историческое ОбществоСанкт-Петербург, Россия
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New Theater. Moscow. Theatrical Poster, Russia

People's Holiday. 1898. Theatrical Poster, Russia

Exhibition of works by 36 artists. Exhibition poster, Russia. 1901

Horse races on the Khodynka field. Poster, Russia. 1896

The Bolshoi Theatre. Theatrical poster, Moscow, Russia. 1883

The Zoological Garden. Afisha, St. Petersburg. Russia. 1903

Moscow Philharmonic Society. Musical Afisha, Russia. 1903.

Exhibition of Russian Portraits. Afisha, St. Petersburg. Russia. 1903.

Ballet in the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Poster, Moscow, Russia. 1907

International Exhibition of Brewing. St. Petersburg, Russia, 1909

Exhibition of paintings by Kuindzhi. Afisha, Russia. 1910

Art and Industry Exhibition. Poster, Odessa. Russia. 1910.

Exhibition of furniture. Afisha, Russia. 1908.

Vladimir Durov. Circus Afisha, Russia. 1901

Garden Aquarium. Afisha, Russia. 1911

Opera of Zimin. Theatrical poster, Russia. 1913

Zoological Theater of Durov. Afisha, Russia. 1911

Theater Shelaputin. Geisha. Theatrical poster, Russia. 1897

Horse Races on the Semenovsky parade ground. Afisha, Russia. 1915

Futurist Exhibition 0.10. The Field of Mars. Exhibition poster, Russia. 1915

Pavlovsk railway station. Skating-Rink. Cinema. Afisha, Russia. 1915-1917

Caucasus, Gagry. Climatic station. Advertising poster, Russia. 1915

Restaurant Progress. Advertising poster, Ekaterinburg. Russia. 1910-1917

The all-Russian campaign for donations for the monument to P.I. Tchaikovsky.

Concert hall of the passage. Afisha, Russia. 1915 Poster

Thais. Poster of Joint Stock Company Neptune, Russia.

Theater of miniatures. Theatrical poster, Russia.

Football Match Poster, Russia