Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых
Romanov Empire - Империя РомановыхHistorical Society - Историческое ОбществоСанкт-Петербург, Россия
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Tsargrad Steamer on the Baku sea route

Emmanuel Nobel. The tanker of the Nobel oil company.

Steamboat. Baku.

Steamer on the Baku sea route

Steamship Robert Nobel. Baku dock.

The steamer Talmud. Baku.

The steamer on the roadstead of Baku.

Local peasants on the ferry. Neighborhoods of Baku.

Brama Steamer on the Baku sea route

Darwin - Steamer, Caspian Sea

Steamer on the Baku sea route

Consequences of fire in the oil field.

Ships in the port. Baku

Baku, Police detachment

Baku. The facade of the house of Zubalov's heirs.

Central Street. Baku.

Baku. Oil fountain.

Baku. Oil field, 1900s.

Madrasah, training of boys, Baku

Old Baku.

Phaeton in Baku street

Baku. The office next to the oil refinery. Баку.

Baku. Fire in the oil field.

Collecting oil spills from the well. Baku.

Baku. Oil field, 1900s.

Work on an oil well, Baku

Workers of the oil industry. Baku.

Oil field in Baku

Baku. Oil industry.

Oil rig. Baku.

Old Baku. Fortress.

Maiden's Tower

Workers of the oil industry. Baku

Street barber shop. Old Baku.

Local residents. Baku.

Oil derrick. Baku.

Street peddler. Old city, Baku.

Baku. Local residents (Circassians).

Primitive vehicle for oil transportation.

Street vendors, Baku

Baku. Oil fountain fire

Baku. Oil fountain in the oil field.

Baku. A scene of forced washing of people at the railway station.

Baku. The office next to the oil refinery.

Old Baku. View of Muslim Quarters.

Oil Freight Train, Baku

Rich house and vineyards. Baku.

In the vicinity of Baku.

Baku, Balakhani. Oil production.

Oil rig, Baku

Baku, Balakhani. Oil production

City garden and fortress wall. Baku.

The center of Baku. Embankment. Maiden's Tower.

Old Baku. The Khan's Palace.

Baku. Oil production.

Baku Oil Refinery. Laboratory of quality control of petroleum products.

Refinery. Baku, 1900

Oil refinery. Baku. The oil industry.

Old Baku. Muslim Temple.

Oil refinery workers, Baku

Local resident and his carriage, Baku

Traditional Muslim dance with sabers. Baku.

Baku. Engineering office.

Old Baku. Oil refinery in old city.


Old Baku. Fire Worshipers Temple

Baku. Oil fountain in the oil field.

Baku. Oil production from wells and wells.

Baku. Persian.

Baku oil refinery and oil terminal.

Dark row - Old Muslim Quarters of Baku

The Baku port. Embankment and Maiden's Tower.

Baku, Transportation of oil in tanks.

Oil refinery, Baku

A pool for the production of fuel oil. Oil industry Nobel. Baku.

Newsstanders. The international telegraph station Tiflis-Baku. State savings bank.


Baku oil refinery and oil terminal.

Postcard. Bibi-Eibat. Baku.

Baku. Oil rig fire.

Zhigulevsky beer warehouse. Delivery of delivery Zhigulevsky beer. Baku.

The ancient quarters of Baku. The Arabian traveler.

Dark row - Old Quarter of Baku

Oil refinery, Baku

Baku. Dark Row Muslim Quarters.

Baku oil refinery and railway oil terminal.

Old Baku View Poscard.

Baku, an equestrian tram and a railway station.

Badi Burasi, Baku

The Lutheran Church. Baku.

Old Baku. Muslim Quarters.

Parapet Square, Baku. The Armenian Cathedral.

Baku. Bibi Heybat. Post card.

Lowering the pipe into an oil well. Baku.

Shahsei - Vakhsei. Persian holiday.

Bailov cape and ship dock in Baku

Baku, Bailov Port

Hello from Baku, postal card

Oil refinery in a black city, Baku.

Old Baku. Port and Ships.