Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых
Romanov Empire - Империя РомановыхHistorical Society - Историческое ОбществоСанкт-Петербург, Россия
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Alexandrov Cathedral

Bridge over the Gray River. Alexandrov

Alexandrov, the view of the monastery from the women's gymnasium.

Alexandrov, Gray River view

Alexandrov, Market

Alexandrov, Train Station

Yard near the house of merchant Pervushin. Alexandrov

Alexandrov Railroad bridge.

Alexandrov train station

Alexandrov Female gymnasium

Female gymnasium - Alexandrov

Alexandrov, The bell tower of the monastery.

The carriage-house in the courtyard of the merchant's house Pervushin, Alexandrov

Alexandrov: view from the Holy Gate of the monastery.

Alexandrov Zemstvo council.

Alexandrov, Forges

The bridge over the river Seruya. Alexandrov

Millionnaya street. Alexandrov


Male gymnasium. Alexandrov

Karabanovo, Factory, Alexandrov

Postcard from Alexandrov

Alexandrov - Karabanovskaya factory school.

Lake Likousha. Alexandrov

Alexandrov - Grove of Lycoucha.

Alexandrov. Sadovaya street and post office.

Nativity Cathedral. Alexandrov

Nativity Cathedral. Alexandrov.

Alexandrov. Staro Konjushennaya street (Military).

Alexandrov Railway Station

Alexandrov - Pokrovsky Cathedral in the Assumption Monastery.

Streletskiy Bridge - Alexandrov

Pokrovsky Cathedral in the Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov

On the shore of Lake Likousha. Alexandrov

Uspensky nunnery. Alexandrov

Alexandrov fire fighters squad.

Alexandrov Shopping Rows.

Nativity Cathedral. Alexandrov

Alexandrovsky Uspensky Convent. Church of the Assumption. Alexandrov

Alexandrov. Bread row. Red side.

Nativity Cathedral. Alexandrov

Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov.

Alexandrov - Pokrovsky Cathedral in the Assumption Monastery.

The censer. The gift of Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich to the Trinity Uspensky Monastery - Alexandrov

Crosses. Gift of Theodore, Cyril and Natalia Naryshkin. Uspensky Monastery

Own belongings of Princess Margarita. Uspensky Monastery, Alexandrov

Trinity Cathedral in the Assumption Monastery - Alexandrov

Stikherry. Alexandrov

Vessels. The gift of Princess Maria Alekseevna. Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov

Stikherry, sewn by the princesses. Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov

Alexandrovsky Uspensky Convent. Enrtance - Alexandrov

Stikherry, by the princesses of Peter's sisters.

Stikherry, by the princesses of Peter's sisters

Wall tower of the Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov.

The Gospel of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and the vessels of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov

Stikherry. Assumption Monastery. Alexandrov

Gospel of Nurse Tsarevene Nuns of Barsanofia. Uspensky Monastery - Alexandrov